Friday 29 April 2016


So cold,,,+4 every morning for week,poor my plants in garden.Good i have place where to escape from all that cold ...Just realize ,it is my number 100 post,,,thanks to my readers!!!
Big one-'White Unique',Angel Eyes Orange' and just start to open 'Polka'

Fir Trees 'Silver Wedding' ,want to see how big it can grow.

'Milfield Rose' hybrid ivy

'Spital Dam'so pretty,,almost lost it last year,it still small but hopeful it will grow in nice plant this season.

'Brookside Flamenco'

'Lara Rita' zonartic

Lara Rita,zonartic

P. cotyledonis grown from seed,2013

My tiny pelargonium auritum,,from seed

 Milfield Rose

'Mallorca'/Swiss star' just start to open

'Rosa Della Sera'

Fir Trees 'Silver Wedding'

'Lara Delight'

Monday 25 April 2016

Whitefly,greenfly ,purplefly...

All these try to get on my pellies,and other plants in greenhouse,,ok,maybe not purple ones,,but them first ones..grrrr.
  They love uniques,scented , regals,and zonartics,not so much zonal pelargoniums,,but if nowhere to go they get on them too. Especially when plants are in stress,,to dry,to wet or to much sun and it is to hot.
  Last year i had whitefly invasion in old tunnel,and got some in new too.I tried everything yellow sticky paper,contact pesticides( that stench .brrrr),systemic ones .I bought encarsia wasp eggs,who is natural predator of whitefly,they didn't hatch...So last winter i decided that is all i must find something else,something what is natural,do not stink ,do not do damage to our health,to other insects .I think i found it,,it is neem oil,,you can get it at health stores,cost less them systemic insecticides ,do not do harm to you or other around,,except white fly ,green fly,to all who love to suck sap from plants,,or even eat them.
  I started to spray plants every 7 days,,i do it on Mondays,,on one liter warm water you take 5 mll neem seed oil,,add little kitchen soap,i using Ecover Washing-Up Liquid ,because oil won't dissolve in pure water as you know.And then just go and spray plants and try to wet underside of leaves,where whitefly loves to hide.This liquid you must use in 8 hour time.How do its work,,read here 
 And as i can see it really work,,i have white and green fly still in,but it is not in damaging numbers,,they just come on plants what i forgot to water or over water,,sometimes happen,but my scented and uniques are clean,same as all other.
  Hope this info will help you,if so let me know.
p.s. forgot to tell,best time to spray plants is early morning or afternoon.Sun can damage foliage on your plants.

Friday 22 April 2016

In greenhouse.Photo reportage.

Sunny days doing  job .Greenhouse is very close to colour explosion .So there is little photo reportage from my greenhouse tonight.
p.s.Ah yes i think i found best compost at last,and pellies and other love it,but about that next time. 
Never got cactus in flower,,look it have buds.

An other one 

Some succulents want to flower

Seed corner

Self seeded kalanchoe 'Tessa' between stapelia

'Paton's Unique'

'Paton's Unique' all plant

My own 'Lord Bute' with different flowers

Kalanchoe 'Tessa'

Zonartic pelargonium 'Lara Rita' just opened her buds.

Wednesday 20 April 2016

Big thanks Lena!!!

Today i was left speechless for while...
Last week i bought 2 unrooted cuttings of very pretty Marbacka ,,,lady who sold them told me she did put some extra plants in parcel.So,i thought i will get some nice new varieties unrooted cuttings,,ta-da :) How big was my surprise when i opened parcel,,,thank you very much dear Lena,,i really hope that cuttings will root,and i won't kill my new plants with love(as i usually do).
      Lena have very nice little website,,love her photos!!!Thank you again!!!You made my day!!!

Thursday 14 April 2016

New 'sport'???

Last year discovered that one of my new 'Lord Bute' grown from my own cuttings,have different flowers,,so wonder does it already exist as variety,or i have something new .I did check pelargonium register,didn't find anything similar.Look at photos and say what do you think.It just started to open,and if i didn't know from where it come from,i would think i have new variety.

Look at them buds,,colour.

Wednesday 6 April 2016

Big thanks....

I get great bunch of pellies today from Sweden. 
   Thanks to Cathrin, who 2 weeks ago,was standing in her local flower shop,looking for present for her self.Because it was her birthday and her little girl gave to her  some money to get nice pelargonium  ,,,somehow and no idea why,she remembered one poor pelliemadgirl in Ireland,who was looking for  particular Swedish variety.Thanks to Facebook,she found one of my posts,and made contact with me.It was so nice of her,i couldn't believe to my eyes ,and i was over moon after our conversation.And i still am :)

  It made me think,you never know when something good can happen with you,,,and that people who love plants are best ones ...Thank you Cathrin,!!!
Instead of one,i end up with 5,,as usual