Monday 27 April 2015

At last!

So yesterday was that day when Zonartic 'Lara Marjorie' at last open her first flower full.Oh,yes second bud opened very fast,,,or i just didn't feel time same as with first one :) Next on row of zonartics is Unicorn 'Hot Butter' if look at size of buds.                                          

                                                     Photo from yesterday...

                                            Photos from today ...

                                 All bunch in my hand :)Yesterday,today and tomorrow..

Friday 24 April 2015

'Lara Marjorie'' teasing me...

Zonartic 'Lara Marjorie' is soooo slow,,as you see in my previous journal 'Just photos'.it was in big buds,just about to open( i though so..),i took them at 18th April.
   Photos from today ,as you see,,still not fully open...cheeky girl :)

Tuesday 21 April 2015

Just photos.

I posted them on face book,but i think it is worth to show them here too.Got nice evening light,hope you will love them .

Zonartic 'Lara Marjorie',look at them beautiful leaves 'Santa Maria Centennial' hybrid ivy pelargonium 'Fascination ' Cactus pelargonium P. x lawrenceanum Zonartic 'Lara Marjorie'.getting colour in buds Pelargonium tongaense One of ZA in buds

Sunday 5 April 2015

Happy Easter!

                 First news :) I have new polyhouse,ta-da :) so happy for that!!!Hope as soon as possible will move all my pellies there,but first leveling and benching.
My new castle :)  Bit colours Species Pelargonium iocastrum

Have a very happy Easter you all !!!