Friday 18 March 2016

Newcomers ...

Hi !
  Very dull day here,and cold too.But thanks goodness no rain and big winds.I was working in my garden today,and time to time look at gates,,is there coming somebody or not at last...had to wait until afternoon,when white van come in to yard,and I got my parcel what i was waiting for.(Little jig here ;)
  I was really pleased with all what i saw when i opened box,and started potting on them.Really good quality plants,and good size to.
  Highly recommended nursery,,only now they do not take any orders any more,until autumn/winter. So save web address,and make list for next season.But this summer,,you're welcome to come to my place and see them in life .
All mine :)

Four and half  days in box,and look so good.

Mixed organic compost with worm compost,and bit of perlite.
All ready for planting.

Look at roots.

All planted !