Tuesday 28 October 2014

Back home.

Hello to all!
   Hope you all good and well :) 
Come back today home and first things first,,went to check my 'girls'in polytunnel,,,yep,,winter is coming.Colours almost gone there,,so pity...i will miss them.Did quick check,,tomorrow will do cleanup.
  What else...sowed some seeds from my own collected (species&varieties ) in summer,,so will see what i gonna get next summer.
  Talk soon!
  Have a very good week you all !!!
  Some photos from last spring....


Saturday 18 October 2014

Tidy up time.

Busy in polytunnel last couple weeks,cleaning,moving plants form glasshouse,making room for tender plants who were all summer in pots outside,some were planted in ground too.They are still there,weather still is very mild for autumn in Ireland,feels like this time it is on my side.
  Some of little seedlings of species pelargoniums woke up after summer dormancy,nice,i was afraid that they won't ,because they were so small then.
There some photos of this year sowed plants.
 Pelargonium dolomiticum,,yesterdays discovery,,it growing flower stem :)

 Pelargonium crithmifolium.
 Pelargonium incrassatum
 Pelargonium campestre
 And pelargonium australe,very fragile leaves,i was re potting it and broke off couple of them.

Thursday 2 October 2014

Bridal Pelargonium / Nanny

Got this one from Sweden,original name in Swedish would be Bròllopspelargon/Nanny,,i was looking but didn't find much info about it,,so there is photos.It looks great at young age,i think next year it will be even posher :)
  Started big cleanup in polytunnel,must make room for my 'girls' from glasshouse.