Friday 27 February 2015

Seeds and sowing.

I ordered some seeds as i said,,one batch come in last Tuesday ,so today i got ready for sowing tomorrow.These will be more for pots and borders outside,,but who knows,maybe some ends up in show room.    Sometimes pelargoniums have difficulty to brake seed cover,so to help to germinate i found on internet one interesting tip,,before sowing soak pelargonium seeds for night,and use very hot water for it.So i did that today,and tomorrow i will sow them.  There is one more interesting method ,what you can use if you sow very rare seeds of pelargoniums,,i didn't use it yet. There it is   As promised there is my pelargonium BrunswickAnd at end,,look at this foliage,,is it not beautiful?!''Bronze Butterfly''

Tuesday 24 February 2015


  Oh,,so long winter and spring coming so slowly.Nights still cold and try to cover my plants in polytunnel every night.Last electricity bill was so big,that i thought i will have to move out until ''storm'' at home will be over :) But thanks goodness i didn't have to.
  So whats new...sowed some pelargoniums,ordered some seeds of species,ordered new pelargonium hybrids.Took some cuttings.
  But most exciting news are that some  of my pelargoniums are budding,and some of them will flower for me for first time.Like Pelargonium cotyledonis,,sowed in begging of 2013.

On other happy for me discovery was week ago on Zonartic ''Lara Marjorie'' and Unicorn zonartic ''Hot Butter'',,yeah,,they have small buds :)Both come form last year.
''Lara Marjorie''

''Hot Butter''
Right now Pelargonium ''Brunswick' looks gorgeous,plant are big and and round shape,Will show you all plant on next journal.But now there photo of flowers:
Have a good gardening year you all !
Greetings from Ireland!