Wednesday 13 January 2016

Propagation experiment nr1.

Its winter,long evenings so i have time to read.Going trough my new-old pelargonium books,i found some new for me interesting propogation ways.Very similar to them what i use in garden,with other plants,but newer thought to use them on pellies.
   Because winter is soooo long,,and my fingers getting 'gardening itchy' i had to try one of tips..My windowsills are occupied by orchids ,i had to chose one what not take much room,because cuttings need warm environment i had to keep they in.
  I will show you in photos what i did and how :) So fingers crossed it will works.

                                              I had 2 same variety plants,there is one of them.
                                       After cutting back,i used cinnamon as fungicide.
                                                       All together 9 cuttings
Tool what i used for taking cuttings.
                                       Cleaned and ready 
                                         Take cling film.
                        Lay about 1 cm tick layer with moist                sphagnum moss,cuttings on top.
                              And cover cuttings same on top
                                             Bend over cling film
                                              Like that
                                               And roll it :)
                           I have now 2 nice pelargonium rools :)
                                     Label them,date on.
             Ready for going in,actually they now it 2 tea cups :)

Monday 4 January 2016

Happy New year!

Just want to wish all my pelargonium friends very happy ,healthy and full with love New Year!!!
     May your pelargoniums reward your love with lush growth and rich flowering!!!
 p.s. Can't wait when my greenhouse be back in flower :)