Monday 25 May 2015

Saturday 23 May 2015

Zonartic AQ

      One of my new zonartic pelargoniums,who do not have name yet just two letters AQ,come in to flower day ago.I want to say big thanks to Karin from Sweden ,who sent it to me,because i didn't had much time to go so far,while i was there.Thanks Karin!!!

And there photo together with 'Unicorn Hot Butter'

Thursday 14 May 2015

And again..'Unicorn Hot Butter'

My internet is more off then on,,but i really want to show you these photos

                                                        Photos from yesterday

Friday 8 May 2015

'Honeywood Suzanne '

For me it grows as miniature,but i want get it bigger.Maybe I should  repot it in bigger pot?Would  it  help,..ah well,see what going to be later in summer.
  I can't believe that so small plant can grow so many flower spikes,and tried to flower for me from late winter.Then i didn't let it do that..but now,,see your self .

Tuesday 5 May 2015

Meet-Unicorn 'Hot Butter'

I have some nice zonartic pelargoniums in my collection..what is zonartic do you think?Here you can find info about its history
  Two of them today are in flower for me first time.You met 'Lara Marjorie' now meet Unicorn 'Hot Butter' And yes,you will see in photos how 'Lara Marjorie' look today.


'Spital Dam'

‘Spital Dam'Cat. Bidwell UK 1992. D.  Small flowers of peach shades. Dwarf.( info from here you must register first)        Got it last year,at last sales from Fire trees pelargonium nursery,what now is pity i didn't order more plants from them. But back to this little beauty.Some photos to see how beautiful it is :)

Monday 4 May 2015

Some of scented leaf pelargoniums

'Torento' Got it last year at Bloom(they didn't had much what to offer when i got there),,i like it.

 Little gorgeous 'Olga Shipston',,love scent of it,very sweet and fruity ,found seedling in garden week ago :)

 Still don't understand on what list is Pelargonium 'Atrium' on scented,unique or hybrid.but i have scented leaves,so i post photo of it.

      Kilfs Blacman's hybrid 'Lara Jester',look at them flowers gorgeous,and scent...

One of my favorites 'Brunswick'flowering now for ages,loves water .

Sunday 3 May 2015

Two 'Darlings'

On 2013 at our biggest plant show in Ireland 'Bloom' i got couple new pelargoniums and one of them i got under name 'Darling' now i believe it could PAC's 'Aristo Darling'.Last year in spring i got nice pressie from one of my friend 3 new PAC regals,and one of them were 'Aristo Darling'  I found photos from 2013 Bloom:


There is close up of it took photo today

 .And there is and other 'Aristo Darling' it still have original label in


 Both them beside each other.Spot the difference? :)