Tuesday 31 March 2015

Pelargonium lover ''Mecca' Sweden

Hello to all!
  At last my dream come trough and last Thursday i went to Sweden. Goodness me,,my traveling didn't started very promising, flight to Oslo were canceled,holding tears i went back home,,i has to wait for next bus in Swords,,my bus come and same time got sms from SAS that my flights are re booked and this time i'm going trough London,and then Stockholm...walk across  street and waited for bus back to airport,at end after midnight i step out of plane  in Stockholm. Thanks to my friend Una and her family,who met met me,and shown me all around.
  So next day we went to see Uppsala Botanic gardens,not much to see there on this time of year,but if you know plants not to hard imagine how beautiful it looks in summer.And had nice walk around town.
 Saturday, that day come what i was waiting for-we went to biggest plant fair in Scandinavia  ''Nordics gardens''  in Stockholm.
  Oh moi...it was like in pelargonium heaven,here in Ireland all what we can find is bedding pelargoniums,there...every pelargonium lovers dream.Species and hybrids,all sizes and prices.Hybrids what you can get only there,and who come from this country from centuries ago,like Marbaca pelargoniums.
  Of course i brought home new pelargoniums,but you will see them here on blog when time come and they will be in flower.
 I have nice and big album in my facebook page here you're welcome to visit it.
  Thanks for reading !!!
Swedish Pelargonium society's stand
 Era's garden stall
Very happy me :)