Monday 15 February 2016

Easy folk....

   Got yesterday early birthday present,watering can what i was looking for ages.I wanted one with long spout,and i found it at end in one of g/c.Yesterday we were there(for Valentine day cake),and there i'm-happy as pig in mud..i have posh watering can for my pellies :)
   We gardeners,are  so easy to please folks ...

Thursday 11 February 2016

Potting,re potting,de potting....

Hi all!
  Yesterday was great day,,cold but sunny,no wind for change,and same today.Love that kind of weather,,in winter of course.
  Started repot my pellies at end of January,now i'm very close to finish all that.Still looking for best compost possible to find in garden centers here in Ireland,so if you know good peat free one,,give me a shout. 
    Right now I find only one where is 50%/50% peat and compost(Westland John Innes nr 2 potting on compost),,adding same amount of Living green worm compost,and little bit of grit,because Westland John Innes nr 2 feels very sandy.Can see pots dry out fast.Worm compost by the way is produced here  in Ireland,in Co.Donegal
  Some photos from yesterday:
                                                    Moved my orchids in better place,

 That huge succulent plant is Kalanchoe 'Tessa',budding right now,,it have very pretty red flowers.

                I hope you can see how light in colour is John Innes compost beside worm compost.
                                                      Repotted and happy,,i hope :)
                                      Zonartic pellies doing really well in this time of year.

                                         This nursery side is almost full  today.
                                                  Crocus flowering in garden.

Tuesday 2 February 2016

3 weeks later,exp.Nr1

Now,,i must tell you straight away,it fail,,no roots to any of cuttings,and do not look like they will be soon there.It is possible that i choose wrong time for it,,so I will repeat it some time later,in early summer.