Sunday, 23 August 2015

Visitors and video.

Good morning!
Miserable morning in my place,,great time for computer,because it do not make you want  to do anything else.Maybe go back to bed only.
  Day before i went for my holidays i had visitors.They are my good friends what i met at website(everybody are welcome to join it,if you want to meet gardening buddies) long time ago.
   No one of them were seeing my new greenhouse yet,so it was very interesting to see reaction,and then after to hear so many good words that i was almost flying 2 feet up to ground :) Thank you all for that!!!
  My friend Rachel,who have you tube channel,where you can see her own garden and learn a lots new,made video about my pelargonium greenhouse and yes,you will see me too :)                                
                                                         Have good day you all!


  1. What a wonderful collection you have. Thank you for sharing. A polytunnel has long been on my wish list for when we move house, now I definitely want one!

    1. I hope your wish wish come true soon,i know how you feel :) Thank you!

  2. A wonderful collection of pelargoniums Liga