Monday, 16 May 2016


I do not have many regals,but them what i have i love,will show you today just couple of them,an others just open first buds.And some scented,and some uniques ...
Pac's 'Darling' big flowers(if compare with an other)

Scented 'Pink Capitatum',love,love that ice pink colour.

Regal pelargonium 'Aztec'

Regal pelargonium 'Aztec'
Unique pelargonium'Bolero'

Scented,variegated unique'Phyllis'

Scented,variegated unique'Phyllis'

Old style regal 'Marchioness of Bute',just gorgeous

Flowering heads off :)

My an other favorite scented pelargonium 'Brunswick',and at front light pink is scented 'Sweet Mimosa'


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    1. Thanks :) Just love this time of year,when all start to come in flower,old ones new varieties,,,joy to walk in to tunnel.