Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Propagation experiment nr1.

Its winter,long evenings so i have time to read.Going trough my new-old pelargonium books,i found some new for me interesting propogation ways.Very similar to them what i use in garden,with other plants,but newer thought to use them on pellies.
   Because winter is soooo long,,and my fingers getting 'gardening itchy' i had to try one of tips..My windowsills are occupied by orchids ,i had to chose one what not take much room,because cuttings need warm environment i had to keep they in.
  I will show you in photos what i did and how :) So fingers crossed it will works.

                                              I had 2 same variety plants,there is one of them.
                                       After cutting back,i used cinnamon as fungicide.
                                                       All together 9 cuttings
Tool what i used for taking cuttings.
                                       Cleaned and ready 
                                         Take cling film.
                        Lay about 1 cm tick layer with moist                sphagnum moss,cuttings on top.
                              And cover cuttings same on top
                                             Bend over cling film
                                              Like that
                                               And roll it :)
                           I have now 2 nice pelargonium rools :)
                                     Label them,date on.
             Ready for going in,actually they now it 2 tea cups :)


  1. Bravo Liga! I look forward to seeing how the experiment works. I've read about this method, but never tried it. Good luck!

    1. Best part,,there is 9 cuttings and 2 little cups :) Thank you!!!

  2. I never used that method for getting roots, it is very interesting.

    1. Me too,will see how it go on.Now i think i should wait until february,when they start to grow again,,but fingers crossed i didn't waste all that cutting material.

  3. Hi, where did you get sphagnum moss? In the woods?
    I too look forward to see the result. Good luck!

    1. No,got from garden center ,i have no woods around where to get it.Thank you, i will let you know how is things going on as soon i will see first roots :)