Monday, 4 May 2015

Some of scented leaf pelargoniums

'Torento' Got it last year at Bloom(they didn't had much what to offer when i got there),,i like it.

 Little gorgeous 'Olga Shipston',,love scent of it,very sweet and fruity ,found seedling in garden week ago :)

 Still don't understand on what list is Pelargonium 'Atrium' on scented,unique or hybrid.but i have scented leaves,so i post photo of it.

      Kilfs Blacman's hybrid 'Lara Jester',look at them flowers gorgeous,and scent...

One of my favorites 'Brunswick'flowering now for ages,loves water .


  1. Beautiful. I am finding I love scented's more and more.

    1. 'Olga S' and Brunswick are very,very nice...i always touch them when walk pass :)