Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Back home.

Hello to all!
   Hope you all good and well :) 
Come back today home and first things first,,went to check my 'girls'in polytunnel,,,yep,,winter is coming.Colours almost gone there,,so pity...i will miss them.Did quick check,,tomorrow will do cleanup.
  What else...sowed some seeds from my own collected (species&varieties ) in summer,,so will see what i gonna get next summer.
  Talk soon!
  Have a very good week you all !!!
  Some photos from last spring....



  1. Love it this hybrid - P. 'Ardens'. Very bright and festive plant :-).
    I wish all your plants a successful wintering!

    1. Thank you Elena! This pelargonium originally coming from Helen Dillon's glasshouse(i was looking for it for ages,couldn't find it for sale here)and when she gave me it as present,i couldn't close my mouth for while :) I was smiling all time :D