Sunday, 6 July 2014

Red Fox 'girls'

We went yesterday to visit Mount Usher garden,beautiful garden,if you have opportunity -to visit it ,do it,you won't be sorry.So there beside is nice little garden center.Spotted there 2 nice pelargoniums,didn't see them before in other places,of course they end up in our car boot.One is Red Fox hybrid ivy pelargonium 'Sarita Punch',,huge flowers,hot pink colour...and an other Red Fox upright ''Sarita Sunstar red',, i never saw that kind red on zonal pelargoniums,so vibrant .I tried to get proper colour photo,but couldn't ,,will try an other time ,maybe will have some luck.
'Sarita Punch'

 'Sarita Sunstar red'


  1. I bought Red Fox a few years ago in France. I've lost it now, but I remember it was a lovely red.

    1. I never heard before about it.Glad i got it,more i look at it more i like it.